The Irish name for Celbridge is "Cill Droicid", meaning "the church of the bridge".

Castletown House, Ireland's finest Palladian Country House and Celbridge Abbey Grounds, home of Vanessa Van Homrigh during her relationship with the 18th century churchman and satirist Jonathan Swift are located in Celbridge. Celbridge Abbey was built by Bartholomew Van Homrigh, Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1697. He secured the chain of office from William of Orange which is still worn by Lord Mayors of Dublin today.

His daughter Vanessa planted the grounds for her friend and admirer Jonathan Swift. Following the death of Vanessa, Celbridge Abbey came into possession of the Lord Chief Justice, Thomas Marley, grandfather of Henry Grattan.

Much of Celbridge town was rebuilt after 1798. In the 1870’s two mills had been opened in Celbridge, one for the manufacture of women’s hair clips and the other which employed 300 people was for the making of linen tape.

In the 1830’s Celbridge was home to 270 houses and the population was estimated at 1,647. There was a Parochial House, four private schools and a fever hospital.

Celbridge is on the Liffey, 12 miles from Dublin is a fast growing town with a population of around 15,000 people. .